About Fannie Thomas Designs

Inspired by nature and family heritage, designer and GIA graduate, Fannie Lewis, has created a unique line of jewelry that is designed to embolden and empower.

Fannie grew up in the heart of Texas and has spent much of her life traveling the world with her family - Drawing much of her inspiration from her extensive worldly travels and the raw, natural beauty that exists in the world around her.

Since a young age, Fannie has viewed jewelry as a wearable art form, and she continues to push the boundaries by calling on Mother Nature’s many gifts, whether it’s a color, a texture, the curve of a line, or an element.

With Fannie Thomas Designs, she is reinventing these gifts in new, unexpected ways that are wearable for all personality types and age groups.

Jewelry is about celebrating our pasts and flirting with our futures; learning to embrace the classics while adjoining with pieces that are wearable, bold, and meaningful in our contemporary culture.

It’s about old and new, high and low, raw and resplendent, classic and contemporary; an impossibly elegant blend of dichotomies that together create a fresh, unique, and independent jewelry experience. This is Fannie Thomas Designs.