Quill Stud


Hand crafted and carved 22k gold delicate wing studs.

Length @17mm

Weight @2.5 g


Wing Collection, notes from Fannie: I have always had an affinity for old jewelry. There is something so beautiful about the hand-touched and detailed pieces from artisans of the past. Such craftsmanship and attention to detail that has much been lost in today's world of mass production. I am not normally drawn to pearls, but when I saw these beautiful baroque pearls all i could see were these caged birds, and i wanted to bring them to life. After years of thinking about them, I decided it was time to bring them to life. I wanted them to be suggestive, not 100% literal, so I designed these wonderful detailed wings in a rich 22k yellow gold along with a little beak to suggest that of a bird. The wing collection is a modernized interpretation of the flora and fauna in jewelry from the past.

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